Introducing Blendabombs, your new smoothie superpower.  

As smoothie fans from way back, we wanted to create a simple addition to a smoothie that would provide beneficial nutrients to your favourite smoothie.  

These handy little cubes loaded with superfood give your smoothie superpowers by helping to support immunity, gut health & enhance your glow. 

Our Blendabombs are made here in New Zealand from wholefood ingredients that are free from GMOs, refined sugar, soy, dairy and gluten. 

Just break one up into your blender, add fruit, veggies (or both), liquid of your choice & blend until smooth. Easy as! 



Our Snackaballs have become a local favourite. Made with the best whole foods we could get our hands on; dates because of their natural sweetness & dense fibre, nuts & seeds for protein & healthy fats, cacao for antioxidants & a chocolaty note, & a smidge of natural flavours or extracts to maintain a consistent flavour profile. They are the perfect portion control snack when you’re on the go!


The name says it all; It’s a protein hit, for the road, in a bar. Filled with simple foods that provide 15g of protein, with no added sugar. This tasty little number is also free from gluten, preservatives, GMO’s, & is 100% yummy!