Apple & Chia 176g Snackaballs- 6 Pack


delicious, cashew based Snackaball™ packed with health benefits from carefully selected ingredients like faba bean and pea protein, chicory root fibre and omega-3 rich Chia Seeds. 

Our legendary epic taste and a whole lot less sugar (50% less even!) Enjoy. 

We’ve created a new range of Tom & Luke Snackaballs with a completely new recipe that delivers a lighter texture and lower sugar.  

We know everyone has a unique, personal view of health and wellness so we’re thrilled we have an increasing range of options for consumers to choose from

Naturally Epic Taste with 50% less sugar*, 100% awesome 

  • 50% less sugar* 
  • Minimal ingredients 
  • Light to Bite 
  • Gluten Free 
  • Non-GMO 
  • Made in New Zealand 

All Tom & Luke products are crafted from carefully chosen ingredientsWe choose only a few, amazing ingredients for each product to deliver wholesome, great tasting snacks.   

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The epic new Tom & Luke Snackaballs™ are made from a handful of natural ingredients with 50% less sugar* Deliciously soft and packed with flavour, there are three to choose from; Almond & Maple, Berry Buckwheat and Apple & Chia

* 50% less sugar than the average sugar content in the Tom & Luke Snackaball Original’s products  

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