The Wonderful Land of Aus

Anyone who has ever moved countries knows both the excitement of it & the fears of what could go wrong. If you haven’t felt this & you have moved countries, hit us up, we need to know your secrets.

We always pride ourselves on the quality of our products & our commitment to providing a healthier alternative to snacking. Sometime last year, we began toying with the idea of expansion. Operating in one country comes with its own challenges but we like to laugh in the face of danger. So we threw caution to the wind & decided to invade Australia.

We asked Richard, our Australian-based Managing Director & Product Developer, what his thoughts are on the Australia expansion:

Richard: We launched into Australia in February this year. A little premature – however, we wanted to make sure that we were one of the first to sell this type of ball in the market. The last year has shown us that a huge number of competitors have joined the protein/energy ball market in New Zealand & we need to make an impact in Australia before the market becomes saturated.
We very quickly got acceptance into 1000 independent supermarkets & we’re now listed in Woolworth’s, Coles Express & are continuing to pick up more business every day.
The Australian market is a little different to NZ. There is probably double the number of supermarkets per capita & more competition with 2 main chains, 2 independent chains & further competition from overseas supermarket operators. There are a lot more brands competing for a share of supermarket sales & as such shelf space is at a premium. 
Having said that, we are achieving everything we set out to do. Shipments are approaching 3 containers per month & we continue to promote our brand.

Australia is a long term project & given the size of the country & population, it will take a lot longer for our brand to become a household name.

We’ve already made quite an impact Down Under & have been involved in a number of projects. In June, we provided Snackaballs for the Brissie to the Bay Ride to Fight MS & in September we’re getting into GoodnessMe Box – a monthly subscription box full of health & wellness goodies.

In keeping true with our New Zealand roots, we continue to manufacture all products in Wellington. We send shipments across the ditch on a monthly basis. Demand is high & our spirits are up.

Moral of the story:

Don’t be afraid to cast off – set your sights high & if you can afford to commit to a challenge, DO IT.

Onwards & upwards!

Happy eating!

Tom & Luke
Australia - Tom & Luke
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