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      • Sarah Homan

        Hi. I too am astounded at the high levels of sugar in ‘health’ bars. Everything is loaded with sugar. I am going to order some of your bars. I live in Rotorua, I am a member at a local gym and would be very keen to talk to the locals. I love ‘marketing’.

        All the best to you both.


        • Tom Dorman

          Hi Sarah!

          Thanks for your comment and your purchase!

          Which gym are you talking about? Do you think they’d want to stock our bars there so you have quick access when needed!?

          Kind regards,

          Tom & Luke


      • Amanda

        Could you please stock your products at Smith and Caugheys in the city? They also stock Little Bird products so I think you’d fit right in!

        • Tom Dorman

          Hi Amanda,

          Thanks for your suggestion! We will approach them and see if we can get into both stores.

          We do find it works well if there’s public demand…Next time you’re in, ask them if they have any of our products yet 😉

          HAPPY EASTER!

          Tom & Luke

      • Harriet

        Any plans to expand to Australia? I’m about to move to Sydney and will miss my chocolate bite fix!

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Harriet!

          Congratulations on the big move! We hope it goes well for you.

          Yes…A plan is afoot…Watch this space! Surely you’ll have some loving family and/or friends who could send you a care package every so often 😉

          HAPPY EATING!

          Tom & Luke

      • Mandy

        we need some of your product in Eastbourne (Lower Hutt)…perhaps you could approach the local supermarket and/or some of the Cafe’s…can’t wait to see it here

        • Tom Dorman

          Hi Mandi!

          Thanks for the heads up! Any suggestions on where to approach?

          HAPPY EATING!

          Tom & Luke

      • Anne

        Have you tried Farro as a stockist? They are a great deli supermarket of amazing products and I think that they’d be stupid not to stock you. They have cafes in most of their stores so to would be perfect!

        • Tom Dorman

          Hello there!

          Yes we are expanding in Auckland and also believe Farro to be a good spot for our products.

          We’d appreciate your help by asking for us by name (to the manager if possible 😉 ) at your local Farro store! 🙂

          Happy Eating!

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Cassie! We are currently stocked at selected New Worlds but haven’t gone as far as Newlands yet. We’ll put it on the list though!

      • Lisa Smyth

        Hi Boys
        Your bars are stunningly YUMMY
        I eat mostly raw food and place value on food that feels good when I eat it!
        My energy remains stable and I feel awesome during and after my Trinity experience!
        You guys are weaving magic and I’m telling everyone I know!
        I just sold my cafe and still do food at events and festivals. I’m wondering about being able to purchase wholesale????
        Look forward to hearing back from you.
        Blessings Lisa

        • Tom Dorman

          Hi Lisa!!!

          Wow! Thanks for your awesome feedback! We’re really excited that you’re happy with our products and are keen to help us spread the word!

          We have a busy few weeks coming up with Expos etc so if you don’t here from us soon, please feel free to email and he can help you out.

          HAPPY EATING!

          Tom & Luke

      • Birgit

        Hi there

        We would like to order the Lemon bites which we tried at the food show. We absolutely loved them!
        Our kids love the Black Forrest and Chocolate bites for their school snack.

        Thank you guys!

      • Laura Hughes

        Hi guys! I am putting together care packs for new mums as part of a new little business venture and am looking to put a few of your bites in each of the packs – are you happy for me to buy the packs of bites and put a couple of each flavour in?? Cheers – Laura 🙂

      • Sarah Robertson

        Any chance of some information regarding retailing your products at our Cafe/Deli in Methven?

      • Megan Cotterill

        Tried your bars at the Waikato Home and Garden show. Thought they were great! Do you have anyone stocking them in Hamilton. I would love to put them at my gym!

      • Emz

        Hi Tom & Luke! Have been a big fan of your products ever since I encountered a tasting at Les Mills Lambton Quay. Can’t go without them – especially before or after an early morning work out.

        Recently moved to AKL and missing my Moore Wilson’s/New World fix where I could grab a bag of the Trinity Bites. Reckon there are any plans to stock your bites at New World Metro on Queen Street in the city?

        Also wondering if you have any future plans to do a bar with cacao (or refined sugar free alternative) rather than chocolate?

        Cheers and keep up the great work!

      • Rebecca Hope

        Hi there – your bars would be well loved in Nelson! Any stockists on your books yet?!! I just discovered your bars at Wellingtin Airport Mojo in the way home to Nelson yesterday – YUM!!! I will buy them online but just wanted to check if you are already down here! Thanks 🙂

      • Fleur Black

        Can you please stock some at Bin Inn, Takanini. I hate running out of them!

        • Jimmy

          Yay! Just the other hour I saw lots of these lace things on the flee market and it instantly made me think of you! :DBy the way, remember when I told you I’d lost my swlatnoching sock garters? I’ve relocated them, yay! So happy, just sharing my excitement with you 😀

      • Karen

        Ive mentioned your beautiful bars to Putiputi Ra in Whangarei – organic store.
        I’ve just moved up here from Akld and I’d love to be able to buy your bars here. Thank you! x

      • Steve

        Hi Guys,

        How is it looking for a Hamilton supplier. Frankton organics could be a good start.

        I will buy on line in the mean time


      • Cam

        Hi are use going to venture out north canterbury ways to oxford fresh choice or rangiora any time soon thanks

      • Emma

        Hey boys! can you please flick through some info for your products, would love to see if they would fit in at the greeh house in Palmy 🙂

      • Jenny Wray

        You should try stocking your products at Binn Inn, Our local bin iNN (waitara), is one the health shops in New Plymouth to go too. Michelle Yandle (The good Life), from Waitara, has just become a health food person for all the Bin Inns after all the work she has put into our local one, which has seen their business take off. They also come and and try days, with the suppliers, which have been very successful as well.

      • Sarah

        I see you’re in Ceres Ponsonby but not ellerslie? Be great to see your products there! Also in any of the “health” shops in Sylvia Park (Hardys are there too) so starting more towards south Auckland. I’m hearing raving reviews and can’t source in stores locally so be good to see you in wider Auckland !!

      • Trent

        Hey guys,
        Where do you stock your raw balls in Auckland? Bought some at the green expo, absolutely delicious all the flavors.

      • Cynthia

        I just bought some of your Salted Caramel Snackaballs from Bulk Services in
        Mount Eden Auckland. This product doesn’t feature on your product page to purchase online.
        Also suggest Remuera New World would be good fit as their orientation is to organic products and whilst this product isn’t organic it is a fit for people with that leaning.

      • Bram Crysell

        We live in Otaki no one here stocks your products, gave a bag of your product last week to New World owner Mark he was unsure who the supplier is.He may stock your product if approached I hope does I am a bag down but worth it if we have a local supplier.
        Kind Regards Bram

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Bram!

          Thank you so much! We will give them a call next week and see what we can do! 🙂

          Happy eating!

          Tom & Luke

      • Nicole Rickard

        Hey Guys.
        Love your stuff. A friend of mine loves it too. We want you guys to try find a stockist in Tauranga. There is a gluten free and dairy free shop somewhere in town and we think these would be perfect there.

        Hope to get your stuff in Tauranga soon.

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Nicole!

          Thanks for getting in touch! – We are in a number of places in Tauranga…CHeck your local coffee shop 😉

          Tom & Luke

      • Jodi Bunker

        A friend of mine got me to try your salted caramel snackaballs and OMG YUM!! I’m in Wanganui and wondering if you stock anywhere here or planning too? So far my hunting has so far ended in no luck. Thanks 🙂

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Jodi!

          Thanks for reaching out! Yes – head on down to New World Wanganui! 🙂

          Happy eating!


        Here can I buy your snackaballs in Australia. I brought some back with me from NZ and I have run out. To say that I’m gutted would be an understatement. Please help. It’s a boarderline emergency!

      • Paula

        Just visited NZ and fell in love with your product. Would love to see it over here in Brissy
        Very interested in getting my hands on some bulk orders and selling them at my local markets. I’m a health nut and these products tick all my boxes
        Well done
        Now to keep bugging my family to keep sending them to me.

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Paula!

          Thanks for reaching out! Great to hear you’re a fan of our products 🙂 …Guess we’ll be seeing you soon 😉


      • Anna Logue

        It says there are no stockists in Gisborne here on your website but I found your snackaballs at Pak n Save….maybe you need to update this? They have run out of peanut n cacao ones so would love more! they are the best!

        • Tom Dorman

          Hey Anna!

          YES! We do need to update our stockist list! – We are currently hiring for someone to champion our website & social media 🙂

          Thanks for letting us know about the OOS @ Pak. I’ll pass this onto our reps 🙂 – In the meantime, it is available from our website & we will donate 15% of your purchase to Movember 🙂

          Happy eating!


      • Anna Logue

        pretty sure I found them at a chemist and new world in Palmerston North as well when I was down there a month ago…and it says there are none in Palmy either

      • Ruth M

        Wow, amazing snacks. I just bought some from Glenview New World, Hamilton. It’s truly refreshing to have something to keep my energy levels up while working overnight without it being full of sugar. Thanks heaps guys.

      • Anna Elders

        Would LOVE these at pak n save pukekohe and/or the goodness grocer out there. Got some cacao flavour bliss balls at pak n save in tauranga – wow!

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