Tom & Luke

An unlikely friendship that started 9 years ago and crystallised over an idea to create and shape something amazing. With respect for food in its natural state, a belief in the power of clean eating, and a love of great tasting food, this has driven us to create a range of products that nourish people to live their best lives.


Luke’s Podcast Recommendations

Luke’s Podcast Recommendations; Podcasts are a relatively new form of media for me. They’ve been around in some form for about 15 years but never really caught my interest until I discovered this relaxing way to ingest information from a range of fascinating and insightful individuals. I’m not a huge reader (unless you count current […]

Seasonal Ingredients

Seasonal Ingredients; Spring and summer is a pretty exciting time of the year for chefs. This is when you see all of the fresh new season veges coming through; vibrant, full of colour and packed with nutrition. Asparagus is packed with potassium for blood pressure regulation, beetroot is full of antioxidants for enhanced oxygen uptake, […]


Tom’s Book Recommendations

Tom’s Book Recommendations; Here’s to another beautiful day in Wellyhood! As I write this, my suburb is enveloped in a delightful low cloud that’s hydrating the world around me with trillions of tiny droplets of water. I wouldn’t call it rain, it’s too light for that. From my point of view, the droplets are moving […]


Throughout human history, Hemp has been a highly valued crop. It’s uses can vary from paper to textiles, to paper to biofuel!



Our Snackaballs have become the stuff of legends. Made with the best whole foods we could get our hands, they keep the wolf from the door and the perfect cure to 3pm-itis.